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Good luck!

The DX9 was the first of the "new" generation TXs that exist today. It used a different firmware that at the time only the high end DX18 was using so the models for the old DX7 & DX8 could not be directly transferred into this new protocol using the SD card without some sort of third party hack conversion tool. The DX6i which was the highest end 6 channel model at that time as you know didn't even have an SD card

Then soon after came the DX9 "black" edition which came with an ally hard case and the price went up for the DX9 a good bit from the initial gunmetal color release.

Soon all of the older radios started getting phased out as Spek started slowly releasing all of the new DX V2 and V3 editions of the 6 and 8 channel models and ultimately added the second diversity antenna into the handle that the DX9 always had from the beginning as well as use the current black color and same software format that the DX18 and original DX9 came with.

All the DX models have now essentially been standardized with the exact same quad bearing gimbals, dual diversity antenna and software between them, but the silver DX9 was the first evolution of this transition that started several years ago
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