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Originally Posted by Beserkr View Post
Thanks Xray... That's a great synopsis of the Spektrum TX evolution and something I was unaware of.

I know US/UK markets are likely a bit different, but what would you think is a rough fair price? From the pics it looks great, with a slight scratch on the far left of the screen. Boxed with all accessories, even the lanyard and stickers.
Thats a tough one. I have no idea what the originals are going for these days. I paid $340 for mine brand new several years ago when they first came out, and that was 6-7 years ago if I recall. Maybe check around and see what the original models have been selling for lately.

I found some old classified ads here where one sold for $230 five years ago back in 2015. I would think under well $200 for the originals as they didnt cost near as much as the later models did when new and are several years old at this point
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