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Wow that really highlights the market differences between the US and UK.

For example - I'm also watching a nearly new (August 2019 purchase apparently) DX8g2 and with 48 hours left on the auction it's reached 205~$260. Hardly any used DX transmitters on fleabay so looks like it's a bidding war every time.

The guy with the DX9 won't give a buy it now - quite understandably he's letting it ride out due to interest. His example is 4 years old.

I'm actually considering using PayPal credit and getting a brand-new DX9 Black. Now I don't like this sort of idea usually - I've never even had a credit card and always have paid up front for stuff. BUT because of this, my credit rating isn't actually as good as it could be (it's good, but not excellent) - precisely because I never take out credit (except my cellphone contract).

PayPal give 0% interest over 4 months and spreading the cost like this makes such a purchase easier to swallow.

I may have to bend the truth a little if the missus asks how much it was though!

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