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Originally Posted by flightengr View Post
Which receiver is in the 400 now?

The current one with the least bells and whistles is the AR620.

Air Receivers: Spektrum - The Leader in Spread Spectrum Technology
It's an AR6100e - the original factory one.

So I've sat down with my accountant (Google Sheets) and I've largely been fussing over nothing. I started a new job recently and hadn't found the time to update my finances.

I can easily afford a new DX9 and case without worry, so I'll likely order one with a Spektrum hard case this weekend.

Then in a month or so pick up something like the 150s or 230s. With a new receiver for the B400, I think I'll be rather happy with my fleet!

Thanks for all your great advice and opinion, I'm very grateful for it you wonderful bunch!

Blade 400 '3DX' | 150s | OMP M2

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