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I'm guessing you've checked your TX channel monitor screen to see if it's indeed the TX, and to see what channels are affected?

I suppose if it's an intermittent problem that's only happened in flight so far, you've been unable to do this?

I'd never heard of this kind of problem until my 6i started acting up and naively assumed TXs were simple and bulletproof.

If I were you, I wouldn't even consider flying anything bigger than a micro until you can trust the transmitter again. As I'd said earlier in the thread, I feel very lucky my 6i didn't crap out with my B400 hovering tail-in a few yards in front of me - it was the elevator pot which went, and so would have resulted in a 450-size heli with carbon blades backflipping towards me......

Scary thought, and it's given me even more respect for these things... Never really considered the TX a possible failure point. I'm glad I was taught this lesson in quite a gentle way!

Perhaps you could send it in to HH for a service? I've heard they're great in the States for that kind of thing and it probably won't cost you much.

What model did you crash? Hope she's not too damaged.

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