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Go Figure...I crashed my align 500 DFC....the nice one..first crash for that baby
I was also flying my beater align 500 Fly Bar...too bad that did not crash.
I noticed the eratic behavior, so I switched heli' confirm if it was the heli or TX.
Did not think it would go sideways and crash.

The killer is it burned out two fuses inside the BL70G which is not cheap.

I have a new DX8 coming next week..not worth risking any more crashing while trying to debug the TX

Thanks for your pointed me to the pots as a possible problem, but now thinking back, I don't think it was just one channel...earlier, it just seems like the throttle power was shutting off, the cyclic "seemed" to be OK....but the DFC really went least it was oly 5ft off the ground and landed in a mud puddle. Blades did not break....but that darn ESC is toast right now.

Ever heard of someone buying 100A SMD fuses??

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