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So the DX9 arrived today...

The difference compared to the DX6i is hard to overstate, just oozes quality and so many more features.
I didn't come with an SD card, so I had to program in the Nano from scratch. Kinda preferred it that way anyway, as it was a good introduction to the new firmware.

Also showed up how wonky the DX6i was (nothing truly centred on that thing, and endpoints weren't symmetrical) - it actually made the slightly, but noticeably easier to fly.

The only criticism I have is the friction on the throttle stick - large movements are super smooth, but when trying to make fine adjustments in a hover it sticks, causing the heli to jump around.

Is there any other way to solve this without resorting to opening up the TX? I've not had time to read the manual fully yet - perhaps there are some screw adjustments which may help?

Thanks all for the advice and convincing me to go with this one - I don't regret it one bit.

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