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Originally Posted by BrokeDad View Post
On my older DX9 there are a couple of rubber "squares" on the back of the radio. If you pop these off you get access to the adjustment screws without opening up the case. Look for those.
I have the same on mine - thanks BD. Just tried various tensions from so loose the throttle stick would fall under gravity, to fairly tight. The stickiness with tiny corrections is still there with any tension.

Looks like I'll have to open her up. Not keen on doing that with a brand new piece of kit, but time to be brave (and careful) and get on with it as soon as I have the time.

Still, it's a fantastic radio and very happy with it - I'm sure I'll get that stick feeling the way I want it.

EDIT - just noticed there are actually two screws accessible in there. One is deeper in to the left and less obvious, that seems to be the one I was trying to adjust! Loosened it off quite a bit and it seems to have largely solved it. The throttle stick is extremely loose now, but I think I'll like it that way. I'll have to test it and see tomorrow.

I wonder if the second screw is ratchet adjustment?

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