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If someone is currently on a tight RC budget:
Then I would have recommended the Walkera Devo10 transmitter with the OpenSource DeviationTX firmware.

It is the replacement for my older silver DX8G1 (1st edition Airware) which for sure was a good heli TX but had some limitations in the firmware (no free channel mapping, not all switches selectable including Pmixes, max 6 programmable mixes, etc.).

There was and is a big quality difference and haptic feeling between a outdated Dx6i (a pretty dead horse which nobody should be required to ride anymore), the silver DX8G1 and a DX18/DX9.

I think you have chosen the right replacement TX (if you want to purely stick to Spektrum): DX9 (other option would have been a used DX18).

The 2nd edition Airware is a rewrite and has many more options and it will feel night and day compared to your old Dx6i.

But you can't have more than nine channels (so real time PID tuning might not be reachable for you if you need 12-16 channels).

If you want to buy a Spektrum transmitter IMHO you hardly can jump into this brand below the DX9 as the others only have 6 or 8 channels and the DX..e series does not offer sender antenna diversity.
And the IX12 is outdated already and was replaced with the more expensive IX20.

Honestly, I am not a big fan of limitations in features/Airware menus or channels because of a marketing department.
Even the Graupner MZ12Pro offered 12 channels (and not 6) according to our German RCN forum and experienced Graupner guys.

So yes, I'm satisfied with the Devo10 (=12 channel DSMx, multi-protocol, free programming with custom mixers in the advanced UI), definitely.
I'm more than happy that I did not have to pay almost 400EUR for the Dx9 where that channel limitations are still in affect (for no good reason).

But there is zero parts support from Walkera, sadly to say... I had to buy two old Devo7 TXes so I can use the two sticks aggregates (my Devo fell on the ground with the top/sticks first which probably has damaged a bit the potis as ail+rudder channels do not recenter to 0 and there also are sporadic channel values when I do not touch the stick) to exchange my broken left button / EXT board; thankfully they are compatible (the interconnected switches and cables are a bit different which you plug into the mainboard).

I am glad to that this Devo10 operation last week was very successful :-)


Another option might have been the Frsky Taranis X9 Lite (S) with the Hall gimbals (ACCESS protocol supports 24 channels) but - unlike the Taranis X9d - I am not sure if this "Lite" radio is compatible with external multi-protocol HF modules for a JR slot.

I could have bought it for 85-100EUR here in Europe and a German Frsky dealer had offered 15% discount in May over the ProWing weekend.
But for sure I would have had to do more research before jumping onto this train...and the X9 Lite misses one 3-way switch on the top right side where the knob is.
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