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I understand your point of view Thomas, but I really didn't want the hassle of messing around with learning complex OpenTX programming etc.

I have little time as it is to indulge in the hobby so I'd rather spend that time flying and tinkering with the helicopters.
I don't foresee needing anything more powerful (channels, features) than the DX9 for a long time due to cost and my skill level. I don't want to be spending thousands on larger more complex models when there's still a much-larger-than-zero chance of crashes.

Anyway, just tried to register the radio and keep getting this website error...

This page isn’t redirected you too many times.

What a pain!

EDIT - does anyone know what the latests AirWare firmware version is? My DX9 is on 2.0

EDIT 2 - finally registered and can see firmware is up to 2.05. Will do a bit of reading on that lest it's got any major bugs. I'm waiting for an SD card and reader to be delivered anyway....

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