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Originally Posted by Beserkr View Post
I understand your point of view Thomas, but I really didn't want the hassle of messing around
Big benefit on Spektrum:
You can download the Blade/E-Flite UMX .SPM model files.
The Blade heli PDF manuals (tables) sometimes can be a bit confusing with zero written text explanations.

Originally Posted by Beserkr View Post
with learning complex OpenTX programming etc.
Well yeah, this was basically the thing which was holding me back searching for a different Frsky [or RadioMaster TX16s] transmitter...

......OpenTX is a bit new world even programming probably is a bit similiar to DeviationTX (hopefully).

I still have one of these 4-in-1 HF Plug and Play modules lying around since last year which I could make use of the Futaba S-FHSS protocol so I can fly my XK K110 micro CP heli.
Right now I always have to remember to charge the 1s lipo for the external Robbe GeneralLink S-FHSS module NE480193 before I go to the green field which annoys me a bit.
And I must make sure that I do not leave the HF lipo at home in the charger

For Frsky I would have needed a new (compatible) 4in1 JR module and the RadioMaster with the internal 4-in-1 module was (or is) not available yet here in Europe (there will be some delay from the pre-orders).

I agree: This open mixer concept (as much powerful it may be) is VERY different to Spektrum Airware....but you will love your DX9 Airware is much more intuitive that this stuff I had seen from a friend on the Dx6i.

I guess it is easier for someone working in the IT field / with strong analytical or programming skills to step into this open / alternative transmitter firmware concept.

But you must be a little bit patient...and have nerves of steel.
But don't we already have "nerves of steel" from the RC hobby, heli setups and crashes/rebuilds?

But I also would have to take my time, reading the manual, while setting up the first models.
So it is better to do it in parallel when you don't really need it.


Yesterday I almost lost my K110 micro CP heli in the field as I did not find it anymore for 45-60 minutes when this blue Goo lipo shut off ~1-1,5 minutes too early (lipo first was bugging, did not want to give me the full juice at 85% throttle and then the ESC completely cut off power).

Now I am back searching for the pin out cables for the Arduino Nano and an option to flash the XK K110 1s ESC so I can enable the loud motor Beacon interval.
4 lipos are still fully charged but I am afraid to fly at the moment with the higher grass without any piezo buzzer :-)
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