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Originally Posted by BrokeDad View Post
It does seem the webpage/site is having issues. I'm getting the same error on different computers and browsers. I'm currently running 2.01. As long as you are on 2.0? you will have the newest features.

Deviation and OpenTX aren't too difficult to learn especially if you are computer literate and/or know other programming languages. At least I found it so.
I am on 2.0 yes - I'll run through the change logs for the successive versions and see if there are any major bugs fixed, or features I might want and see if it's worth doing.

I'd say I'm decently computer literate, and I'd enjoy figuring it all out. Would be fine if I was single, but I'm not.

I learnt a long time ago to pick my battles carefully, and creating another potentially huge timesink needing quiet isolation from the other half is something to be avoided if possible!

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