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Originally Posted by fiddle View Post
The DX9 will be fine for the foreseeable future for you unless you decide you want to get away from Spektrum for some reason or get into scale helicopters. 9 channels is plenty unless you are trying to do scale things like lights and landing gear and things like that.
Thanks for confirming what I've been thinking! I have the B400, the Nano and soon hopefully a 150s. Also the WS2000 wireless dongle for simulators. I figure I can always get a Spektrum sat for any models which I want and don't support DSMX.

Though I love the look of large scale helis, they'll be out of my budget for the foreseeable future (I like to do other things like SCUBA and skiing so it's all a balance!) and to be frank, I'd bore quickly of it - not my scene.

I aim to get reasonably good at 3D and from what I can tell the smaller Blade Helis will be good enough for that for a while.

Maybe a Trex 470 in the long term...

Blade 400 '3DX' | 150s | OMP M2
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