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Originally Posted by BrokeDad View Post
I went ahead and updated mine to 2.05 without the Livewire thing.

Like you my DX9 will probably serve my needs for any foreseeable future. I'm still not even doing much telemetry as it's nothing my type of flying requires. I can already get more than enough time in the air just using a timer. After 5-7 minutes I'm ready to land for a break anyway. I do see telemetry being important to a smack 3D type of pilot but not someone like me who just likes to fly around the sky lazily.

Some days if I'm feeling extra lazy I'll even flip the switch to turn stability mode on
I just realised you could enter a menu giving you much more detailed version info - it actually says 2.00.05 ?
I think telemetry would be a cool thing to have, but nothing important for me like you say. Five or so minutes is certainly enough with the B400 - I could probably fly the Nano for longer though - much less stressful

Speaking of the different flight modes - I tried panic for the first time yesterday evening. Had her high up in an inverted hover and pressed the I button - nicely and smoothly over back to right-side up she went!

Then.... fell straight in to the ground - I was still holding the collective at the hover point for inverted (expecting Panic to take care of that for me) and didn't react fast enough.
Had plenty of time to catch it, but I think because I was taken out of the loop for a moment I kind of froze.

So much for 'SAFE'

Blade 400 '3DX' | 150s | OMP M2
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