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Generally positive experience. I ordered the kit version. I learned several lessons along the way. The kit comes with building tools (hex drivers, needle nose pliers, etc.), but I did not bother using them. I used the RC helicopter tools since these are better quality and much easier to use. When building the frame, it is very important to not gorilla tighten the screws, as overtighening the screws will warp the frame. It would have helped to have a digital torque wrench, but I figured it out through a bit of trial and error.

Every build step on the online manual is followed by comments. The build would have gone easier if I had read all the comments before starting to build each step.

Prusa offers 24/7 customer support via chat, so that was very helpful.

I ordered both the smooth sheet and the textured sheet. I like the smooth sheet better for PLA prints and the textured sheet for PETG prints.

The automatic self-level feature adds to the enjoyment of this 3D printer. The removable steel sheets make removing objects very easy. I cannot imagine what it would be like to have to use a spatula to scrape objects off the sheet.

I want to build the enclosure, but the IKEA LACK tables are not currently in stock. I already purchased the acrylic sheets and the hard to find magnets for the enclosure. I also purchased a 37.5 lbs 16" x 16" x 1.87" $4.00 concrete paver from Home Depot to use with the enclosure to minimize x-axis vibrations.
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