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Thanks for this information Christian and you can see from the big birds log that the APD already takes 400 amperes with no problem and we see from Okons motor terminals of 4 X 1.5 mm conductors can carry it.

You see Ralph? Your current carry concerns for driving my Neu 1-3 turn motors are no issues then.

Since we know the Delta LRK has a higher power density and has more fill potential than a DLRK feed a 3 tooth delta with a 3 tooth wye for a fun 5020 LRK to compare at a little less than half its size. If we know we can reduce the 2 pole harmonic with the Y-D serial connection or the option in dshot to run low pass or notch filtering of course we can expect that there is room for improvement that easy to implement. Each 3 tooth motor has all the teeth wound the same way. Arbitrarily if the wye coils were all CW then all the deltas would be CCW.

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