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Originally Posted by micccain View Post
I haven't downloaded this app yet but it looks interesting. I'm in the US and the date format is definitely backwards on the Month/Day from what we are used to in the US on my VBCt.
We're getting the data from the vstabi cloud, which I think uses a fixed format. What does it look like on vstabi?

Originally Posted by Caeguy View Post
Seems to run very slow on my iPhone and gave up where it cruised fairly quickly loading all my flights on my Mac. Approx 293 pages
First load is slow as it gets all the flight data. My 470 flights takes around 3 minutes from fresh.
It can be stopped midway as it will pick from where it left off and only do incremental updates afterwards.
I have a user with around 1000 flights on iPhone, and once the data is saved locally, the app seems responsive. Is it the app that's slow?

I've put up a bug fix this morning to do with the models page not displaying properly when there are 0 flights.
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