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I would have to guess that OS is being swamped by orders for a 61G carb.

I ordered the 61G and some other parts from RC Japan on 04/09 and received the parts yesterday (06/08).
And, this was not RC Japan's fault, they had to wait for OS. RC Japan replied to all my email questions and always gave me the best information they had at the time.

RC Japan asked if I wanted a partial shipment and they'd send the carb later - I just decided to wait for 1 complete shipment.
When they finally got the carb from OS, RC Japan shipped it FedEx (shipped 06/05) for a 3 day delivery at no extra charge.

I think we wiped out OS' inventory of spare 61G carbs and it took them 6 or 7 weeks to make a batch.
To be fair to OS, I'm sure COVID-19 delays were a factor in their factory too.
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