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Default Phoenix User Made Models and Other Resources

It has been a long time since I checked out HeliFreak so I thought I would post a link.

The last few years I have been making models for Phoenix. Some Scale copters and some SciFi stuff, mostly built and fly as copters. A few fixed wing too. I just posted a KA-50 for example.

All the models are posted on RickP's most excellent thread over at RCGroups. At my prompting Rick has also made a couple of copters himself as well as hundreds of fixed wing.

Check them out at my blog. A couple more are close to completion and will be posted there soon.

I have also set up a series of Dropbox accounts with the following resources:

Full Phoenix v5.5 Install files

Numerous User Made Sites

Rescued Phoenix Official Models:
Fixed Wing

Many User Made Models

Phoenix is alive and well!
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