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Surely this can't be true, but do you think align intends for the heli to be tipped forward in hover? IE sit it on the skids and then level the swash, which would obviously cause the rear of the swash to sit lower. This seems like a REAL far-out-there thought as the swash would not be at 90 degrees to main shaft. There must be something we are missing here.

I would give 'em a C- on the entire head assembly. difficult to get pitch to zero. Impossible to level swash. Feathering shaft bends if you break wind. DFC linkage screws are not very strong and will bend. Does look nice, but a lack of planning somewhere. I'd like to see, by default, that the linkages are all adjusted in the center of their travel, with everything very close to desired settings (level swash, zero pitch when servo is at 90, etc...
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