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Yep. 2.5mm off one end of the dfc linkage rod. I just removed the plastic ball end and ground a few threads off of the linkage rod. All the while making sure to leave enough threads to grab the ball link end securely.

The swash links I did as you mentioned. Removed both ball link ends and ground about 1.5mm from each side of the linkage rod. This way I was able to tighten the ball link ends a little more. The end result is a shorter link. If you tighten too much without cutting down the rod, the end of the rod pierces the link end and interferes with the ball. I used a cut off wheel and a Dremel.

Removing a bit of the ball link ends to shorten the links will not work. I did try. The rod end will still bottom out in the link end before reaching the length required.


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