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I run my DS16 with standard receivers in planes and helis. In planes the mixing and ability to control channels is exceptional. I know the Mikado fan boys will tout that Vbar control radios work in planes but sorry, when I'm setting up a complex jet with a crapload of channels, I just don't see how the vbar setup is optimal.

Now in relation to heli flybarless controllers, I have run it with skookum, MSH brain and brain2/ikon2, spartan, and now a Sprirt RS with integrated receiver.

I have integration functioning on the brain 2, spartan, and spirit controllers.

They all have a different environment and settings/terms but they all work flawlessly with the Jeti.

If you are just a heli guy the DS12 looks pretty awesome but for me I would love a DS24 for the extra channels and controls for planes...

Your mileage will vary.

Either system is here to stay and if you are just a heli guy either will work well for your needs.
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