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we've switched from Spektrum (touchscreen) to DS-12 with both TXs some weeks ago... and there is nothing on it i would not recommend to a friend. no problems with VBar, VBar Neo and Spirit 2. perfect integration especially with the Spirit - Neo working as a charm too... but no programming via Tx (anyhow only available with VBC). others are having the same experience with Brain/2... and other FBLs too.

programming is well structured and logical... and there really is almost nothing you can't do... it's really powerful. esp. telemetry is leading edge.

Esc telemetry integration available for many ESCs either with the FBL unit itself or with Jeti receivers directly (and if the ESC doesn't handle telemetry, the huge set of Jeti telemetry units will do).

so nice gimbals... especially the pitch stick gives much better control feeling for my . my flying precision was above the old system already after some max. 3-5 flights.

super easy to change out switches (all available in the shop for some bucks) etc... or simply switch the position of the switches... if the layout does not match your needs - change it.


nb: if you are staying within VBar universe with your components and usage - VBCT is perfect selection too... best FBL integration available of course. programming of Esc etc great of course. we had both on the list... decided for Jeti in the end.
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