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Default V2 Submarine. AKA I went down in a pond...

I guess I'll make my first post with a bang...
Blade 230s V2

I lost orientation while flying inverted and of course the heli found a pond (not saltwater). It was submerged for about 18 hrs before I finally found it.
But hey, I found it!! Everything mechanically is great. Battery wasn't puffed, but I'm hesitant to ever use it again.

After cleaning up the heli (rinsing with fresh water, opening up servos, placing the heli in rice to soak up any water, wd40 on connections to clean them, no obvious corrosion or condensation in the ESC or receiver), then lubing everything up that needed lubing, I finally tried a new battery. I get the first chime when initially plugging in the battery like normal. The servo twitch sound when SAFE is ready takes a really long time (but the swashplate is definitely not level at that point), but I never get the second chime to indicate it's ready. I get zero response from anything on the remote. I did try rebinding and it binds fine.

I'm assuming I at least need a new receiver (BLH1427). I read the ESC usually also is the first to short in that type of situation, but first things first I guess. And yes, I've read that even if stuff functions now, parts (like servos or motors) will likely fail earlier than normal now.

Any advice? (other than don't fly near water) Anyone have a deal on a AR636A receiver?
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