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Sorry to disturb this Blade thread:

Best BL upgrade for a Nano: XK K110

It has a BL outrunner main motor which has enough power with 75% or 85% throttle, but it also runs on a separate 1S ESC.
You can fly ~6,0-6,5 mins. on 450mah.

With the 450mah lipo size battery (you may be able to fit 520/600mah with some teaking too) you have more max current available.

And the white Walkera plug is actually not "that bad" as the Molex Pico Blade 1.25 like from the Nano.

Another benefit:
Canopy pins from the main frame do not break off that easily (never happened so far since last year).
Landing gear is prettty solid too (not like the small legs on the Nano).

Take the Nano for what it is:
A learner heli for a CP beginner, indoor (triple gym) flyer and heli which has 1-2 additional stability modes.

But do not try to throw even more money at HH and into the Nano.
There is no real end (bigger lipo sizes, better frame, other landing gear,...).
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