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Well, If You had a second 230S You could try the electronics parts one by one on it.
The Beeps:
When You connect the Battery, You should hear a double Beep. This is when ESC is powered.
After the AR636 FBL/RX unit has done its initial gyro setup, it should move the servos twice. At this time, the dual ESC should be armed, prompting with triple beep each motor, main first, than tail.
As You see, it's a kind of self diagnostics. Check again, and report step by step. Than You will know what to change.

Brushless Motors are not damaged in general by water. Most ESC are protectetd by a clearcoat covering the print and all SMD electronics. AR636 print might be protectetd in the same way.
I would suggest to drawn all bearings, (including complete swashplate) in WD40 or similar, it will suspend any water from them. I would do the same with brushless motors, to recover the motor bearings. Just leave them in over night.
Servo bearings are located in the upper plastic cover.

Good Luck! And get a pair of floats....
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