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Originally Posted by kineticheli View Post
Think of a DS-12 too, can you elaborate on which modules I would need. I was thinking of just getting Package A.

i've decided on the following ones...

- function curves: great for heli programming, makes things easier
- 6 flight modes: autorotation / normal / iu1 / iu2 are already 4... i am using 5
- telemetry analysis: superimportant - already used 2-3 times
- voice output: neverever without
- 12 channels: NEO with throttle & gyro controlled from tx, plus rescue: 9 channels highly desired. Spirit & rescue, NEO "all in banks"... 8 channels enough. depends on fbl and features used.
- logic switches: same as function curves, really nice
- more alarms/event sounds/elements on display: just if needed... i needed

... just check your needs and compare with option packs. i preferred detailed selection. 2nd DS-12 we bought some weeks later is configured +/-- same... just no telemetry analysis (done at home in more detail, even could be great for first setup tweaks)

some helis, YGE, Egodrift, Spirit 2/RS/GT/GTR, Jeti DS-12/Spirit Ed.
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