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A friend had this Msrx and used it after some table tennis training before the gym closed / they drove home several years ago when he started.

It was quite agile and because of the FBL head he learned a lot (coming from the Coax and MSR).

I heard many times that the Msrx was unique how it behaved on the yaw (I think left was different than right or vice versa)??

As I see your green field:
You really want to fly a micro collective pitch (CP) heli outdoors...

This kinda worked with the NanoCPX because it was CP in slight wind, but the brushed main motor was not high quality, bogged around and the board run several times into a LVC even the lipo was fully charged, even when the main motor was brand new.

The Mcpx V2 was a bit better with the brushed main motor quality but it had not the power for its weight so you had to dial down the collective pitch and even then sometimes the board simply turned off.

The NanoCPX was a bit better with its 32g when you went inverted (the motor never stopped) and the tail was pretty much improved...hold much better.


Nowadays I would just fly something like a XK K110 outdoors.

It has 62g, a brushless outrunner main motor with more power on IdleUp1 (75 throttle) and IdleUp2 (85 / 90 throttle) and the tail holds pretty well when you use the right (not too hard) foam pads.
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