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Originally Posted by jasond1979 View Post
Great flying it seems like it has plenty of pop. Are you flying 4s here? Anyways I've flown both the 150S and the 180 Fusion and I really like the 180 Fusion over the 150S and this is the reason. The 150S will fade quite a bit over the last minute or so, but the 180 Fusion is good to the last drop sorta speak. I"m getting about 4:30 on both aircraft.

That being said I wold recommend a 150S for a beginner just because it really does fly great out of the box, and the 180 Fusion might have issues such as tail wag that are only addressable with a new FBL controller. I put a micro spirit into mine and I really love it now.
Both are great helicopters, and I fly them every day I get a chance.
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