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Typically, if you have a card that is less than 8gig, you should be able to format it with SD Memory Card Formatter (from Many cheap items like low resolution action cams come with small 2 gig cards and honestly, the most reliable has been the one that came with my original DX8, which is 512meg!. I think I have two cards that will work as backups in the event that the ones I am using now go caput and they are cards that are in Skookum gyros that no longer can be trusted in the air. I will have a third when I replace the gyro in my last 518 AMA scale build. The ones that are currently in use are either class 4 or 6. I am surprised that a class 10 card worked for so long but maybe trying the formatter might breathe new life into that card. Or at least, until you can find one that is much slower. Take care.

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