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Default The SD card problem....

This is an educated guess about the "better, high speed" class 10 cards.
I suspect that the upper class SD cards are designed or tuned to operate well at very high data rate speeds. And, this tweaking might have issued a low data speed cut off rate.
The DX transmitters operate at low data rate speeds. This is cheaper and there really is no need for high speed rates in the Tx's. So, as many have suggested, buy or borrow and "old" card as they were manuf. for low data transfer rates......

Originally Posted by pontuz View Post
This is ridiculus. I bought the chepeast and smallest card from my local computer store, this happened to be a 8GB class 10 card. Everything else was larger.

The class 10 only means that this card is built good enough to support at least 10 MB/s read/write speeds. It doesn't indicate a different protocol, it doesn't indicate an imcompatibility. It's just a better built card compared to class 4 or 6.

Why the heck doesn't my DX6 boot up with this .

I think my daughter has an old 1GB card in her smartphone, she is sleeping, I'm gone steal, I mean borrow, it
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