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Originally Posted by RunaRut View Post
I guess I should have added this question as well, is the Jeti radio to complex for something like the kraken 700 or a Nitro S7? My old DX9 works but the throttle/pitch gimbal is horrible I have it tightened all the way and the stick will still fall if I hold the radio up vertical. I prefer something with back pressure on the pitch gimbal.
I’m a little lost on what you mean, too complex? The DS-12 is comparable to the DX9. I’d say that the Jeti brings a lot more to the table than the DX9 does, or does it better. But they are still playing the same game. A DS-12 without the add in modules probably has less features than the DX9. (Kinda like a stripped down Lexus vs. a fully loaded Honda)

I think the DS-12 is a great radio for either of those helis. But a DX6 would work fine too

I spent a little bit of time setting up my gimbals on the DS-12 when I got it. I think the build quality was very good, but I got the special edition with metal gimbals. It comes with a ratchet set, so I un-set that and dialed in some silky smooth friction. Very happy.

My DX6 I did the Teflon mod and it was very smooth. My iX12 I never opened yet, but it is sticky. Someone commented that the Jeti wouldn’t make me a better pilot - But you’d be amazed at how much smooth gimbals makes
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