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Put the heli under a 500W halogen lamp immediately after the dip (as long as its not salt water). Monitor it with an IR temp meter. Try to keep it around 150F-170F. If you have bulk bag of rice, throw some on the heli when doing this. It will help absorb the moisture. Don't let any rice get in the motor. Blow it off w/ canned air afterwards.

Its possible if you didn't do this immediately you now have corrosion problems.

I have a heli with older electronics that I have specifically for flying over water. Its a 6S heli that has taken the plunge many times. I rinse it off with some drinking water afterwards and let it sit under the heat lamp. Heli still flies fine.

Fun story:
I once was working at a PC when about 20 gallons of water, not brown or yellow luckily burst through the ceiling and soaked the powered on PC next to me. I switched the breaker, unplugged it, took it outside on a hot day. Opened it up and the MB was soaked, floppy drives saturated. Boss said just try it, it'll probably be fine.

Yes after being out in the sun a few hours this PC continued to work until it was too old to be usable
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