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Hi all, I found although i had upgaded to 6.0i - it was easy enough to run the update installer again (Run Phoenix Launcher, Advanced, Install an update) and choose the older patch file to roll back.


I found I the launcher said 5.5I and was then able to connect to online VPN server , the only strange thing II noticed even after a good 1hr or 2 of flying, was the main Phoenix Spash logo still says 6.0i - but no other issues in connetivity, models, scenery, wierd physics etc.

I am not saying it will work for you - or you wont have issues, so it may be easier ot just to a full uninstall\reinstall up to 5.5I and stop there - or move the program folder like suggested above.

BIG thank you for Cpt Sunday Flyer for running and maintaining this VPN server, nearing 160 registered pilots, with loads more anonymous shows how much we all still love and use Phoenix.
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