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yes, that's it more or less (the firmware & options) btw: we do have one Spirit Ed. and "normal" one... (my wife preferred a blue one, Spirit Ed. is red only)

+ there is a separate menu option (1st line) for Spirit in Heli Assistent menu... launching Spirit settings integration directly.

+ there is a direct selection of "Spirit" in the create new model assistant (after selecting heli - page 3 iirc) configuring all the basic settings automatically for you. the same option existing in basic settings of course too.

+ device manager is accessible via quick button in many menus...

we've noticed no other important differences (does not mean they do not exist but we've not noticed during last 2 months more flyin' then settin' up). integration with Spirit is really great... really feels like one integrated system.

some helis, YGE, Egodrift, Spirit 2/RS/GT/GTR, Jeti DS-12/Spirit Ed.

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