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Originally Posted by Rabid121 View Post
yes, that's it more or less (the firmware & options) [IMG class=inlineimg][/IMG] btw: we do have one Spirit Ed. and "normal" one... (my wife preferred a blue one, Spirit Ed. is red only)

+ there is a separate menu option (1st line) for Spirit in Heli Assistent menu... launching Spirit settings integration directly.

+ there is a direct selection of "Spirit" in the create new model assistant (after selecting heli - page 3 iirc) configuring all the basic settings automatically for you. the same option existing in basic settings of course too.

+ device manager is accessible via quick button in many menus...

we've noticed no other important differences (does not mean they do not exist [IMG class=inlineimg][/IMG] but we've not noticed during last 2 months [IMG class=inlineimg] grin.gif[/IMG] more flyin' then settin' up). integration with Spirit is really great... really feels like one integrated system.

Are any of the customizations things that someone could modify in there radio configuration if they wanted?

(Like adding the Spirit Assistant to the main menu, or the Ikon/Brain setup in a similar way instead of going through the device explorer)
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