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Originally Posted by Andy from Sandy View Post
I have not followed Jeti but I looked at this post and saw you had to purchase an upgrade if you want to make the DS-12 a 12 channel radio! It looks like it is only 8 out of the box.

When Jeti first came out with this business model were there a hold load of haters slating the business model?
Probably, they are everywhere, ready to complain and hate on anything they don't like. I have adopted the mindset that I do my research before I buy and if I don't like it then I simply don't buy it. If I come across something after my purchase then thats on me unless it wasn't advertised or stated then I will contact place of purchase or manufacturer.

I don't really see any deception on Jeti's part here, a simple read of the product page you can see what features are included and what can be upgraded.
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