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Originally Posted by Andy from Sandy View Post
So when you go to the store and buy the radio it only comes with 8 channels not 12?

Anyway I think people know what I am alluding to as with the v-bar NEO the amount of fuss with having to purchase pro and rescue if you wanted it.

I am not knocking the business model of either company. Clearly it works.

The radio looks very good, not knocking it in any way.
So what are you knocking? And yes I do know what you are getting at but not sure I'm seeing the point. The ds-12 is the model number, cannot confirm why that is, maybe because of the other model numbers, maybe it was originally to do with channels , it is capable of up to 16 channels, I may have missed the advertisement where it is stated that the radio comes stock with 12 channels. I don't think it is advertised as the ds-12 with 12 channels with the base model, if someone is doing that then it is misleading and should be called out. The Jeti product page states the features included with the base model. I also believe that the Vbar pro and rescue functions are stated as optional as well. Again in my position if I am not happy with something then I simply don't buy it.
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