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Originally Posted by dogbreath View Post
I was going to use the DS-12 for heli and the DS-16 for planks. After swapping the upper pots for switches, and after holding the -12, the -16 feels like a brick and I've moved everything to the -12.

Unless I had some extremely complicated warbird with lots of servos and bling, I can't see needing a -16 or -24. I can run a full-house elec glider, including crow and variable camber, no problem on the 12. Dan

I felt the same way. I got my son a DS12 and I had my DS16 Carbon. I got serious radio envy after a few weeks and ended up selling the DS16 for a second DS12. The aluminum case is terrible to use compared to the DS12, I won’t be going back to a metal brick.
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