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Thanks for sharing this guide e92.M3. Have you tried connecting only two wires (ground and signal, without connecting the 5V) for an even cleaner mod? I've seen ESCs that only need ground and signal, so just wondering if that applies to this ESC.

Took me a good part of the day to figure out, but finally sorted.

Once you've flashed BLHeli (revision 13.2 and above), the bootloader will automatically be installed. Once you have the bootloader installed, you can then remove the connectors/wires you've soldered on.

To connect to BLHeli in the future (using BLHeli Suite), you just need to use the existing connector that plugs into the flight controller, utilising only two pins (black = ground, and white = signal).

Within BLHeli Suite, select the SILABS BLHeli 4-way interface (this is using an Arduino board) and away you go. I'm using an Arduino Nano board, so the signal pin from the ESC goes to Digital pin 2, and ground to ground.

The attached manual shows how to use the different programming connectors you may have in your toolbox.
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