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Originally Posted by Mikej View Post
however you do need to calibrate the ESC to the Tx as normal - i.e. Turn on Tx, use a 0 - 100 (or -100 to +100) TC. Throttle stick full throttle, power up ESC - get confirmation beeps, throttle to bottom, get confirmation beeps, power all off).

You then select a flat throttle "curve" and adjust it up / down to get your desired headspeed
Hi Mikej,

I've tried your instructions but don't get the confirmation beeps other than the usual start up beeps. What I did was turn on the transmitter, using a linear 0-100 throttle curve, move the throttle stick to the highest position, then connect the battery to the ESC (as per usual when flying). I then get the usual startup sequence of beeps, but nothing beyond that.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Also, what's the difference setting the throttle this way to setting the min and max throttle in BLHeli Suite?

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