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Ah Clem
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Goblin Fireball:

Flight Style: Smooth 3D
FBL System: Robird
Motor: Stock
Pinion: Stock
Target Headspeed: Really friggin' high
ESC: HobbyWing 50
Governor: None-Throttle curves and mixing.
RX Pack: N/A
Cyclic Servos: JR 285MG
Tail Servo: JR 3500G
Main Blades: Stock
Tail Blades: KBDD (can't remember the size, but made originally for the Blade 300).
Lipos: Gens Ace
Anything else: JR T-44 CustomSE Transmitter, JR RG731BX Receiver with XBus to FBL unit.
KBDD-Team Captain, JR DFA Team Pilot. Forza 450, Forza 600N, Forza 700,
Compass 6HV-U, Warp, 7HV,Knight Pro,Knight 3D, Atom, Odin II, 6HV, 3D Plus, Knight 50, Chronos, Velos, Steam 550 and 600, OMP M2 (and anything else I can get my hands on...).
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