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Originally Posted by EGODRIFT View Post
Hi all,

unfortunately not yet - the whole global situation is unfortunately delaying our development (and testing) of new products. We are very sorry for that and would like to thank you for your understanding,

Thanks Vincent and fully understand. It appears Lynx is no longer offering the 1911 which leaves the oxy 2 with basically one motor although I'm sure there are others but not sure how they compare to performance/quality of the Lynx. While I still have the 1611 installed I am starting to see its limitations as I progress in skill, on the flipside with that experience I suppose I am able to fly within its limits. Hopefully you guys can come up with something in the near future although not being pushy, just hopeful. Otherwise I may be out of the Oxy 2 and into an omp possibly.

Thanks again Vincent for the reply, much appreciated, I will nag again soon...
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