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If you’re looking for the absolute best deal on a Jeti, the Spirit Edition DS-12 is $580 delivered, and is a regular Jeti DS-12 that comes with $100 worth of upgrades already (16 channels, graphs, 6 flight modes, function curves). It’s fully compatible with all brands of FBLs & receivers - it just has some additional setup wizard programming for Spirit FBL systems (which will be available for all other Jeti radios with an update). Only caveats is that’s it only comes in red (no carbon faceplate or metal gimbals) and the US version won’t ship til Sept 11th. Once its available on the 11th, orders from Spirits E-shop deliver in 3 days to the US, so you’d likely have it by the 16th.

A regular DS-12 from any other vendor will be $595 and any upgrades will be extra.

I personally JUST purchased a black carbon edition DS-12, as I just couldn’t wait for the US Spirit Edition to become available, and am eager to get started getting it set up on my helis. I was previously using Spektrum, and after going through the hell of owning an iX12 and then downgrading back to a DX9, it was time for a change to a higher class of system.

You wont be disappointed with any Jeti you go with.
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