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Originally Posted by JimJW View Post
It’s painful to read the heartbreak that the Spektrum users are having this summer. (But that’s another story).

What part of the world are you in, maybe there’s someone close by?
Yeah, I was an early adopter of the iX12 - and got rid of it within a few months after so many issues (a complete lack of trust in the operating system). Sad to see its just as buggy now as it was when it first launched. Had to downgrade back to a DX9, and now that I’ve left Spektrum for Jeti altogether- I cant believe it took me so long to do so. Jeti is simply a higher class of system.

Runarut: Where are you located? I’m sure if there is a fellow Jeti user nearby, they would be happy to meet up at a local flying field.
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