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Originally Posted by ticedoff8 View Post
That is the saddest review of any $650 transmitter I've ever heard.
Personally, I think the iX12 was the worst transmitter I've ever owned in the last 40 years.
The main thing was the promises that were made and the breathless hype the preceded it and then the lack of delivery on the promise.
The last kick in the nuts was the release of the iX20 followed by the Spektrum ads that refereed to the iX12 as (basically) an entry level TX.
I'm glad I kept my DX9.
With the release of the iX20, the iX12 was exposed for what it REALLY was - a beta test unit.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see an iX15 Announced or released sometime soon, followed not too long after by the end of the iX12, or at least a major “V2” hardware update.

The android hardware on the iX12 is simply not powerful enough to be reliable.

I had an iX12, after 3 months I went back to a DX9, and just recently ditched Spektrum altogether in favor of Jeti.

Spektrum is a decent company - but the iX12 was a turning point for me. Once I realized I was providing free beta testing at the expense of my overall enjoyment of the hobby, not to mention wondering each time i turned on the radio if it would be a “good day” or a “bad day” - something had to change.
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