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What do you by this? How can servos be TX dependent? You are saying Spektrum doesn't want their TXs to work with iKON FBL say?
That means that if you want the best of breed components and you have a Spektrum transmitter, at some point in the future, don't expect to get all the features of those best of breed components.

Given the fact that Spektrum introduced a version of Airware that broke the telemetry for MSH Electronics (and maybe Spirit too?), I'd say they didn't really care about that those non-Spektrum devices. They "forgot" to test them - yet again.
They tested all the Spektrum integration.

Is it unreasonable to say that at some point in time, there may be no more 3-wire serial remote satellite receivers that are compatible with MSH Electronics, BeastX, Spirit, Align - etc, etc, etc?
In that case, if you want to use your Spektrum transmitter with one of these flight controllers, you might need to use a Spektrum full size, external receiver.
In that case, maybe you can't use some feature of your flight controller and there is no telemetry.
What would you call that? Propitiatory?
Spektrum is late to the gravy train. VControl, Jeti, Graupner - they pieoneered that concept of a proprietary eco-system. It's just that Spektrum sucks at it.

This already extends to Spektrum ESC, LiPo batteries and chargers.
Of course, I can charge a Spektrum battery on a non-Spektrum charger. I can charge a non-Spektrum battery on a Spektrum charger.
But, there is something "special" about charging a Spektrum battery with a Spektrum charger and using that battery with a Spektrum ESC.
Or course, it is pretty clear that most of the new Spektrum stuff is not "best of breed", so you give up something to use them.
I bought the iX12 thinking it could be the best transmitter I owned. It isn't.
It shouldn't take too much imagination to think of some neat feature that could be added to a servo that only works when it is plugged into a Spektrum receiver or flight controller. And, I bet that hypothetical future servo won't be "best of breed" either.
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