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The newest SK720 is at least 5 years old and I don't remember how long its been since the last Skookum update (6 years?) - is this the first time you've tried to bind these 2 SK720 to the DX9?

Are they even going into bind mode (fast blinking on power up)?

Did you update the DX9 firmware?
Did you change the old sats that binded okay with new ones that won't bind?

And, as already suggested, be at least 2m between the transmitter and the SK720.

One trick I learned with Spektrum was that you could bind the sats on a standard Spektrum AR-style receiver and then plug them into the flight controller without have to rebind.
If you cannot bind them using an AR-style receiver, then maybe they are bad.

But, not to be a downer, people started dumping their Skookum stuff ages ago when Art stopped supporting hobby RC. Hardly anyone uses them anymore so only a small subset of those will be using Spektrum.
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