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Default 4035 520kv Too hot!!!

I have a 4035 520kv in a Logo 600 with a 9.6 ratio, running 1900-2200 headspeed (usually 2100).... medium 3d and big fast circuits..

The motor comes down at 75-78c (165-172) every flight... (I want to fly it harder, and we're no where near summer here yet)

Timing changes have gone 15,9,7,11,12 and still no change...
Ive checked the soldering and all seems good and there is absolutely no heat buildup in the connectors.

HW130 v4 gets to about 55c, but no hotter and I have installed the fan on that since...

What to try next?
Try the motor in a totally different heli?(setup)
Gov gains, can that help?
Change all connectors?

Any suggestions?... this is my third egodrift and the other two run cool as.
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