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Originally Posted by James Recard View Post
Not much to see in the logs.... (I don't think)
Gear mesh is good.... (in fact I did a flight with the backlash openned right up and made no difference)
Rest of running gear is good.
I'm not sure how batteries can make a motor hot?, but Batteries are good.

I've got a couple of old scorpions here, I'm gonna just throw one of them in it..... will report back.

if i am not missing something... i cannot see hot temperatures in the log? does the Esc stay that cool?

but am i right that your pwm% is most of the time > 90%? or is it just bad reading out of the pic?

regarding batteries: the question is related to what batteries in what time you are emptying... a 5000mAh in 4 minutes will perfectly explain high temps... a 3000mAh in 10 minutes will give no reason


nb: ... in the end i am not used to read MSH logs... maybe someone can jump in?
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